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2016 Ride Across America

Day 2 - Pendleton, OR to Ogden, UT - 522 miles
Saturday, August 13, 2016

It was a beautiful morning in Pendleton, OR.  I woke up early to the sound of many small loud feet above me.  It turned out to be an extended family of itinerant workers in a number of rooms above me, and the kids were running back and forth down the outside hallway and in the rooms as well.  I got up and walked back down to Main street to revisit the Rainbow Cafe.  It's a little bar/cafe a group of us had eaten at during another trip to Eastern Oregon, .  I walked to the very back of the old western themed place with bar in the front, and dining in the back and sat down in a high backed booth next to the kitchen to watch the action as locals came in and chowed down.  I had bacon, eggs, hash browns, and a lot of coffee.  It would be the start of many a breakfast on the road.  After a long wait to get the check, I could see by the confusion and action at the cash register that it's a "cash only" place.  

I walked back out on the empty street, took some pictures of the bronze cowboy and cowgirl statues that guard the Main Street crosswalk and then went back to the motel to pack up for the day.

This day ended up being the longest mileage day of the trip.  I set my goal for a Super 8 motel in Ogden, UT, and having ridden I-84 through eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Utah a number of times, I wanted to put familiar scenery far behind me on my quest to find new roads.  While the I-84 scenery is strikingly beautiful in places, it's still a major highway and a boringly long ride, other than the Deadman Pass  (Cabbage Hill) curves just out of Pendleton.  If you watch the linked video, it wasn't winter like it shows !!!  It was an easy climb on the bike, passing big 18-wheelers at will).

The route for today was simply I-84 nearly all the way to just north of Ogden, where I-84 merges into I-15.


I must have ridden like a madman.  I barely remember where I stopped for fuel or lunch.  Looking back on my GPS I see I refueled in  Baker City, OR, and then stopped for lunch in Ontario, OR at a Mexican place called Tacos Mi Ranchito.  It had motorcycles parked in front of it, so I figured the food must be good - and it was, before heading across the border into Idaho.

When I got to Ogden, Utah, the traffic sucked so I missed my exit and had to loop back to the motel.  After settling in to the Super 8 (which wasn't so super) I was tired and hungry.  The motel sat a ways back from the road with an off-brand gas station at the street.  I asked the motel clerk if there was anywhere close to get some dinner and she said not much close other than the deli in the gas station.  After walking back to it, the lady in the station said the deli was closed,... so back to motel and asked the clerk where real food was.  She told me east across the freeway & the railroad yard, then south on Hwy-204 & I'd find something.  It was now dark, so reluctantly I got the gear back on and hunted for a restaurant.  Blocks & blocks of car lots and traffic lights and finally a mall with a Longhorn Steakhouse in it.  After a good meal, it was back to the motel and I crashed for the night.

Not much of a picture taking day. Just hauled ass.  In the YouTube movie below I say it is I-82 but it is really I-84.